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Hospital and Rehab Visits – Northern Sydney Central Service Office

Hospital and Rehab Visits

AA Declaration

I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there and for that:

I am responsible

Members of AA regularly visit patients in hospitals, rehabs and institutions in Area E (Northern Sydney). Visiting in pairs, they share their experience, strength and hope to the recovering alcoholic.

We are currently visiting:

  • Herbert St
  • Northside
  • South Pacific
  • Macquarie Hospital
  • Mosman Private Hospital
  • Fairlight Centre
  • Phoenix/Kedesh

A separate coordinator for each centre is responsible for maintaining a roster of volunteers to visit each centre.

A Volunteers’ Story

Were you helped by an H & I panel, attended by a volunteer Alcoholics Anonymous member?  Have you got sober in AA and joined an H & I panel to pass it on?  Have you seen people that you’ve addressed join us and stay sober?  We’d love to receive your story to post here.  What motivated you seek help in that hospital / rehab program?  What did you hear that made a difference?  What happened next?

When you’re ready to ask for help, the members of Alcoholics Anonymous are here.  Give us a call or find us at a meeting…