24 Hour Info Line:

02 9488 9820

All Australia
24 Hour AA Info Line:

1300 222 222

For Groups and Members – Northern Sydney Central Service Office

For Groups and Members

NSCSO’s job is to serve the groups in the area and that is difficult without good lines of communication. Every group is encouraged to register with NSCSO and to keep their contact details up to date. You can do that here.

Members of AA interested in receiving an electronic copy of the link letter or other communications from NSCSO can subscribe here.

Group CSO representative

Every group in Area E is entitled to elects a CSO representative, who participates in meetings with other such representatives several times a year to share their groups’ experience in carrying the AA message. The CSO representative tries to keep the group well-informed about what the local office is doing. Does your group have a CSO?