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The Story of Bill Wilson and How the A. A. Message Reached the World


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Here is Bill W., the man everybody knew and nobody knew. Here too, inextricably entwined with his life, is the dramatic story of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, its early struggles and amazing growth. In these pages is the full and rounded story of a remarkable life: The boy growing up in Vermont, always striving to be Number One. The Army officer serving “over there” in World War I. Bill’s romance and marriage with Lois. The fair-haired boy of Wall Street plummeting to rum-soaked despair. Ebby T. and Dr. Silkworth, Bill’s spiritual experience, and his meeting with Dr. Bob. And of special significance to the A.A. reader, Bill’s role in Alcoholics Anonymous. In preparation over five years, this is the definitive biography of Bill W